Identity Program


How do you develop a corporate identity for a global company, something that will connect with customers on every continent and represent a diverse array of services?

For Miami-based Brightstar Corporation—a leader in communications technology and the top distributor of specialized wireless services around the world—Spagnola & Associates began with a universally recognized image: the sun. The design choice was both a play on the Brightstar name, a representation of Earth’s brightest star, and an evocation of the company’s planet-spanning reach.

The bold orange-red of the logo wordlessly communicates the firm’s energy. The distinctive color appears consistently on printed materials, in videos, on the company website, and was used to create the attention-getting walls of the Brightstar exhibition booth at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Whatever the context, form and color work in tandem, a literal representation of the company’s English name, yet communicating the corporate identity in any language.