Exhibition Design

Conoco Headquarters

Conoco Corporation, a Spagnola & Associates client for over 15 years, asked us to redesign the company headquarters museum after their merger with Phillips. The goal of the exhibit, while discussing the merged organization, was to suggest the properties of their product, oil: reflective, smooth, fluid, liquid. The heart of the exhibit is the Information Center, where a 1500 lb., 10' diameter, stainless steel media sphere projects continuous coverage of company activities or live broadcast news. This globe, which houses projectors and screens, is suspended from the ceiling. Disks on the floor and ceiling—like oil slicks—reflect the video images into infinity.

To illustrate the assets of the merged company, 28 image walls verbally and visually discuss the synergies. Made of lenticular glass, this wall is constantly moving—the text being in focus only when the viewer is directly in front of it. And to reflect the heritage of each company as leader in the field, a sculptural display of significant oil drill bits stands at guard, sentries escorting the viewer into the space.

Print Regional Design Award 2003

Communications Arts Website 2003