Exhibition Design

Timken Technology Center

How do you capture corporate character in a physical space? That was Spagnola & Associates challenge at the Timken Technology Center. The design assignment included main entry graphics, the visitor lobby, a corporate history exhibition, and product displays. For solutions, we turned to the company and its products.

Timken is a century-old leader in “friction management.” That is, making things run smoothly. The firm began in 1898 manufacturing roller bearings. Most Timken products still share the characteristics of bearings: circular, steel, and highly polished.

Those traits inspired our selection of materials, shapes, and colors. They come through in details such as the smooth surfaces, circular stainless steel desk, and circular steel flooring to define seating areas. We also integrated the corporate color, orange, to strengthen the “brand identity.” Our approach was holistic, spanning everything from textiles to typography, furniture to finishes. The result was a unified vision and a bold, memorable look.